Prism Engineering Inc

Roosevelt Square Phase I & II:

Prism has provided complete civil engineering design for Phase One and Two of Roosevelt Square. Roosevelt Square is a major component of Chicago Housing Authority's (CHA) plan for redevelopment of it's residencies. It includes redevelopment of the ABLA Homes near the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Roosevelt Square, once completed, will comprise of one of the largest residential development sites in Chicago history. The CHA site will consist of mixed usage housing ranging from public and affordable to market value units. Units are a mix of rental units and ownership properties including single-family homes, town homes, and condominiums.

The site design included locating all new buildings within constricting lots, off-alley parking, parking lots, mass grading, final grading, coordinate geometric layout of the site, utilities including storm water detention under constraining conditions, details and specifications. Major coordination was required with all City of Chicago agencies and private utility companies.

The total site area is approximately 100 acres, with a total of 2441 public, affordable, and market rate housing.

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