Prism Engineering Inc

About Us

Prism Engineering Inc. has over 50 years of design experience. The design team consists of engineers, CAD technicians and support staff with a wide range of experiences in Site Development, Planning, Highway Design, Transportation, Airport Design and Streetscaping projects. Prism has designed numerous projects in all aspects of Civil Engineering locally, nationally and internationally.

Prism has experience with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in Roads and Streets, Drainage, Traffic and Feasibility Studies, and Location and Design Studies. Prism also has extensive experience with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and bring a thorough familiarity with their standards and practices. Experience include complete street and alley design services for new construction, reconstruction, widening and streetscaping.

Prism’s experience in the planning and design of site, roadway and airport improvements have been obtained in both the public and private sector. Project sizes range from less than an acre to well over 200 acres for site development and from one block to several miles for roadway work. These projects required extensive coordination with developers, other disciplines, elected officials, IDOT, CDOT and local communities. Prism is well versed in national and international standards as well as acceptable practices for a wide range of design situations.

Since its inception, Prism has focused on providing design services that emphasize thoroughness and accuracy. With this approach the contractor has construction documents that are clear and concise, requiring little or no clarification. Our engineers are acutely aware of how time and cost affect the successful completion of a privately funded development project. Prism has the resources to meet any time frame required and provide the most conscious design possible.